Come meet our bus!

Fundraiser in Oakland this Saturday for The End of Isolation Tour

Dear Community,

Many of you experienced our immersive, socially-distanced theatre about resistance to solitary confinement last month in Marin. Now it’s time to help us bring our art for justice to communities on the front-lines across the county. Join us this weekend:

Where: CCW Bar and Restaurant, 411 26th St in Oakland.

When: Saturday, October 16th, 6-10pm (load-in as early as 5pm for vendors)

What: A joint fundraiser for A.B.O. Comix and 'THE BOX,' a play about solitary confinement, a bus painting (with DJ Agana), an open air art market, a Halloween-themed gallery show of art by queer and trans prisoners, and queer dance party! Sarah Shourd, playwright, and Carlos Aguirre, actor/musician, will be there to talk about the project and local artist DJ Agana will be live spray painting the side of the crew's tour bus.

We are still 25k shy of our end-of-the-year fundraising goal! If you want to help us reach new audiences and start conversations across the country about the harm of mass incarceration and solitary confinement PLEASE MAKE YOUR TAX-DEDUCTIBLE NOW. Transformation, movement-building and building bottom-up community-safety are not cheap! We invite you to stretch into a little discomfort and make a contribution larger than you normally would ($500 or $1,000 is recommended). We need to buy food, kitchen supplies, warm blankets, lighting and pay our formerly-incarcerated and systems impacted crew to travel to communities across the country on the front-lines of resisting mass incarceration and building the alternative. Please help us hit the road for the End of Isolation Tour in Spring of 2022.

“It was so real. This was the closest I’ve ever come to being able to understand what prison is like.” -Audience Member

"The BOX brought up some hard realizations around all the hurt we’ve created with our prison system, and the amount of work required to repair all the broken lives." -Stacy Crinks, The Battery

“I could tell that formerly incarcerated people collaborated on this play. The details were very powerful and true.” -Emile Deweaver, Formerly Incarcerated Co-founder of Prison Renaissance

“Extraordinary play! Riveting, moving, emotive, experiential and powerful in its message. Having the audience so intimately on stage with the actors gave the feeling of being in a solitary confinement pod and created so much empathy.” -Audience Member